Everyday Life - Coldplay

Everyday Life


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-11-22
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2019 Parlophone Records Limited a Warner Music Group Company.


Title Artist Time
Sunrise Coldplay 2:31 USD 1.29
Church Coldplay 3:50 USD 1.29
Trouble in Town Coldplay 4:38 USD 1.29
BrokEn Coldplay 2:30 USD 1.29
Daddy Coldplay 4:58 USD 1.29
WOTW / POTP Coldplay 1:16 USD 1.29
Arabesque Coldplay 5:40 USD 1.29
When I Need a Friend Coldplay 2:35 USD 1.29
Guns Coldplay 1:55 USD 1.29
Orphans Coldplay 3:17 USD 0.69
Èkó Coldplay 2:37 USD 1.29
Cry Cry Cry Coldplay 2:47 USD 0.69
Old Friends Coldplay 2:26 USD 1.29
بنی آدم Coldplay 3:14 USD 1.29
Champion of the World Coldplay 4:17 USD 1.29
Everyday Life Coldplay 4:18 USD 1.29


  • Music is expression

    By Soulx77
    Bands change , there sound is full of emotion and energy just not in the way of explosion of joy . Sometimes to understand what you wanna say in music you must look from a different perspective and this one I enjoy a lot .
  • New and out of the box

    By 911spence
    This album is so refreshing. Breaking free from the constraints of formulaic and the forgettable pop song (not that I find any of Coldplay’s songs forgettable or formulaic), Coldplay finds an originality and intimate feel in this offering that is exhilarating. I was reminded of the inspirational feeling I get when creating. I love this music.
  • Coldplay Contiues To Make Amazing Music

    By Jonny U5
    I was dissapointed that Coldplay broke up after A Head Full of Dreams. When I read that they reunited for one more album I was excited. Everydaylife does have explict lyrics but, they don't dwell too much on our political state and the other stuff going on. Coldplay does curse if you listen to one of their live albums. So many great tracks and the vocals take me to heaven.
  • Cool

    By Aung Si Phyo
  • You lost my respect

    By R2D24601
    I’ve loved Coldplay my entire life. I grew up with it and it’s so catchy and fun! I was so excited when I saw you guys came out with a new album. But this new album has EXPLICIT?! Explicit language is just boring and lazy. You guys were unique and special by NOT using language and still sounding amazing. Instead of having a clean version, you should of just started with the clean version to begin with. I’m very disappointed and will not be listening to these songs. They don’t sound like the Coldplay styles I know and love. I hope you correct your mistake in the next album. ☹️☹️
  • Get Real People!

    By persistantghost
    In response to the negative reviews of this album: I’ve always been a fan of Coldplay and will continue to be. Their creativity evolves. I don’t like every song but I don’t have to. I choose which ones I like. Some have a beat, tone and lyrics that speak to me and some don’t. Every band changes over time. Just listen to the Beatles! They went from “I Want To Hold Your Hand” to “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”. Just because they started out one way doesn’t mean they stay that way. This band writes and performs because they love doing it. Their job is NOT to pacify you or to make sure you always love their sound. Get Real People! And go listen to more Coldplay. By the way, if you aren’t moved by the song “Daddy” on this album then you might just be made of Stone.
  • Really

    By Mike00332211
    The first album we get in five years and this is what we’re given...
  • Didn’t even listen

    By K to the E ven
    Yet I know enough to write a review! Yellow was terrible. The band is terrible. The end.
  • Not their best

    By Szar101
    Coldplay has beautiful music. This is not typical Coldplay. Sounds like music people in their 20s and 30s will not listen to. I have downloaded music on my phone by them, but I will not do with this album.

    By a person who likes metal music
    First time ever, too. It never grew on me, such a a shame. Why’d they have to have so many slow songs? And why so short? Stop trying to be Harry Styles, Chris.